Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Ugly Side of Knitting

This is one of those time in knitting where I truly feel uncomfortable and do not like how things are going. In clowning there was a certain line that competing clowns did not cross. The same is not true in knitting.

Firstly I would like to state that I have a warm place in my heart for both Knit 1 and Natural Stitches. Both have helped The Army with donations and a place to hold Charity knitting events for our local shelter. Stacey and Knit 1 have been very supportive to us and I grateful to Knit 1 for that.

I have friends on both sides of this and it is painful to see the drama.

The sad thing is that horrible things are being said in the name of Knit 1. Quite Frankly they are lies. The person who is spreading them is not an employee of either shop. And it appears that she has started this only to be busy body.

Bellow in italics is the message:

So... The long and short of it is that Martha (the owner of Natural Stitches) had her best friend Carla teach classes at Knit One so that she (Martha) could gather as much information as possible into how Stacey ran her business and how to undermine it as best as possible.

Also, Carla built up a loyal client base there so that, when Natural Stitches open, she could bring them over to the new store and away from Knit One.

If you ask me, that's a really ****** thing to do. From what I have heard, Martha (who is one of those people it's just really, really hard to feel comfortable around) has long been one to employ whatever tactics she deemed necessary to be on top, no matter how immoral or down-right *******-ish. Either way, I'm not setting foot in that place.

On the plus side, because of her shadyness, her last business went under, and the same will probably happen with this one as well.

This email was sent in seceret to people who requested it. I have removed the profanity. It was said that this had to be sent in private because they could be sued for liable.

The only way to deal with things said in secret is to bring them into the light and show them for what they are. So here goes.

Carla worked for Knit 1 for two years. Starting the yarn restarting the yarn shop has only been an idea for six months. I know I was there when it was hatched. Carla has not brought a single email or scarp of information from Knit 1. She is working at Natural Stitches because she wants to not as a reward for spying.

And Carla has built up a Loyal Following. She is nice Lady that is a talented knitter that is just what happens. It was not intentional. I mean the Loyal Following was not intention I think the nice lady that is talented was intentional. Well the nice talented thing might have been unintentional. I will have to remeber to ask her the niext time I see her, but I digress.

And as for this being a ******* thing to do. Well telling lie behind someone's back is a ******** thing to do.

And for the personal attacks on Martha that is just silly. Martha is also a nice Lady. And from what i understand does not really know the person that made these accusations.

And as for the closing of her last shop it did not have to do with underhanded tactics. The bottom line is Martha wanted to do it all on her own back then. She just didn't want to do it any more. Nothing shady involved.

I have known many grifters and underhanded people in my travels. And people that are trying to pull one over on people do keep the same name. They change the name of their company on a regular basis and move from city to city. It you are going to pull one over on people Martha is going about it the wrong way.

As for it failing you should drop by and see the shop for yourself. I have not witness one unsatisfied customer yet.

The only failing Martha had with the original show is she tried to do everything and got burned out. This time she is going at it with a helpful staff. What is not to like.

And with the current popularity of knitter there is room for a yarn shop on every corner. I find it hard to believe that either shop will take away from the other. And I thought we were at this to have fun and share our craft.

Well that is all I have to say. This really tweeked my gears and I had to say something.

Be Safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

Oh and I am not saying this because they let me lay in the yarn. Nope being allowed to roll around in the Cascade 220 has nothing to do with it. Just remeber your yarn has been slept in by a Master Clown. How many people can say that? Life is Good.

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Steel City Knitter said...

a) Well put.

b) I was planning on buying several hanks of 220 today and I hadn't thought about it being slept in by a master clown. I'm not sure if that's a selling point or not. . .

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