Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ravelry - Coffee Feinds Heaven

This is Bob. He is the mascot of the Ravelry I think. He is a cute dog. I don't know what he is. Still, he is a cute dog. I am not a big dog person. This one appears to have character though.

My wife's dog Sally is a cute dog with character. She just will not let people take pictures of her. And I don't have a camera anyway so that is the end of that. I must admit the Ravelry thing is addictive. I think I can also put it in the category of things that are going to turn the knitting trend into a full blown knitting as part of the culture thing.

I once mussed that I thought knitting would be something that will go up and down. And that it would need some sort of catalyst to keep it going. I think this way me the beginning of that catalyst. I still think we need something like the knitwiki and a few other things. Still, it very promising.

In that vein I have started three Ravelry groups.
Well this if fairly self explanatory. This a group for people that live in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It also happens to be the area that live in.
This is the group for Natural Stitches the most awesomest knitting store ever. Alright I may be bias. This is the shop that work at. Hey it gives me a chance to wear my ties that are not blue. Now if i could only find my Veggie Tales Tie.
This is the group of people that are interested in my book. There have been some super friendly people sending patterns.

This evening I spent some time at the Museum of Modern Failure. It is a project of some kids From Carnegie Mellon University. I showed off The Judy, The Barry, played the accordion (badly) and told some circus stories. Tommy Amoeba was there and fun was had by all.

By the way this place it across from the South Side Works and has six cent cups of coffee. If you are into coffee than this is the place to visit. It am told it is great coffee. They are some sort of cheap coffee selling it for what ever it really costs. Hopefully this will take out Starbucks or at least know them down a couple pegs. I am not a coffee person if you cannot tell.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Jamie Fritz said...

Bob is a Boston Terrier. Or Terror, depending on his personality. Cute little guy for sure.

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