Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Me - The Last Hive Knitting Maybe

I have had several people say that my clown picture is not happy enough. This is one of the cartoon type pictures that we have been working on for the Brigade. I am thinking about going with a half bald blue wig. At the moment I am still coloring my hair white which turns to an interesting color. It also has me in my Salvation Army Uniform.
Any way if you like it better than the actual picture of me let me know. I am thinking of using it on the Ravelry as well.
Hive Knitting was a Disaster this evening. At the Bee Hive there is only one table that we can use. We have an agreement that we get this table. In order to make it better we bring our own lights. Well our table was taken over by Dr. Who game players. They refused to move even tough there were other table available. The staff claimed they could not honor their agreement with us because they were not aware of it.
If they do not call be tomorrow with an apology and a promise that will not happen again we will be moving the group elsewhere. I am think about Joseph Beth Book at the South Side Works. I do not want to go to Starbucks even though they are willing to host us.
I don't think the Joseph Beth's has a coffee shop. Still, they probably have better light and no smoking section. I know they would put us in their newsletter as well.
Anyway it is one of those things. If anyone knows if there is place on the South Side let me know.
Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Steel City Knitter said...

There's a Caribu coffee next door to Joseph Beth.

LaurieG said...

I talked to them at Jo Beth's when I was shopping around for a spot and they were very encouraging. They do have a coffee shop too. I was disappointed in their stock of knitting books the last time I was in, but having a group meeting there could change that.

Jamie Fritz said...

I think you should use which ever picture makes you happy.

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