Monday, November 05, 2007

More Ramblings

The gizmo is not letting me post picture so no Save Chicken for the moment. Anyway it is monday morning and it is off to the shop. It is odd working in a retail enviroment. True the shop has not opened. Still, I am used to having my clowning skills being the thing that is being sold. Now something else will be the object os my sales skills. It is not bad just different.

I am not in charge so I will not say when the shop is opening. I will say that it is coming together rather quickly. Everytime we leave we are amazed at the amount of stuff that is done. True we have a good crew. And there are several folks working at this enterprise. And many hands and all of that stuff.

Between the shop and the book I have not had much time to get to all of the knitting groups that i usually ghet to. I have not been to either of the two groups that I attend sporatically at Knit 1 for a couple weeks. I do need get back there.

The book is plugging along. I am working on a section on The Army's History of knitting. By the way if any of the Army Knitters out there know some are knitting sotries I would like to hear them. I know the Red Corss had a knitting kit that they gave to soilders in hospital. I am wondering if we did the same thing. i have not found any evidence of a kit as such. I will keep looking though. It does appear that the majority of our historical records we have are in Alexandria Virginia. And I do not have time to go down there before I would like to publish this thing.

Well I need tobe heading off to East Liberty. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice. And see you at the Bee Hive if your a Hive Knitter.

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metal and knit said...

I know that in Oz we have knitting for the homeless thru

I do remeber seeing some good pics on the for the southern teritory to do with war sorting maybe try General Eva Burrows (R) as she is a historian there and Envoy Dr George Hazel in the Eastern for his feedback too we have strong army history here.

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