Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I GOT IT - I GOT IT - Youz Peplz is Yarnz Snobz

I am not going to spend a great deal of time on this. Still, I love Red Heart. It is a great yarn and perfect for clown knitting. If you have a problem with that then you are probably a mime or some kind of communist.

There I said it if you do not love Red Heart then you are some form of evil. Not Nazi evil, but evil enough.
And by the way I made up my own picture just to show that I have a sense of humor about this cat talking thing. I even use real words. Because I taught my cat the proper way to speak. When kind of sicko teaches their cat the wrong way to talk?
The thing that bothers me is that I have gotten this picture about the Acrylic hating cat, again. I get it you all don't like the Red Heart. Well fine, e that way. I have received this picture at least 20 times. Here I am sticking it on the blog you can stop sending it to me.
Any by the way the yarn that cat it hating on it Red Heart Mexicana. The absolute favorite yarn of clowns. You people are threatening my clowing heritage. It is like smashing clown figurines with a steam roller. Like calling a kilt a skirt. Just you wait. One day you are going to be sitting at your knitting group taking shots at acrylic yarn. And out of no where I clown will fly out of rafters and take you down a notch. You will be pied by a a flying clown from the sky. You just wait.
Any way these are some cat pictures that I thought were funny.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Mortaine said...

I had not thought about Red Heart acrylic and clowning, but you are right. It is the absolute best yarn for the profession, and I'm glad it exists for you.

That said, *most* of the people walking into a crafting store or Wal-Mart do *not* clown enough to justify all the Red Heart that is the only yarn available in many of these places.

I think the Red Heart hatred is largely due to growing up never knowing the love of a more luxurious yarn.

PS: My cat's favorit yarn is Red Heart.

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