Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A great day at Natural Stitches

Great fun was had at the Natural Stitches today. I got to build a Christmas tree shaped shelving unit for our December display. I just need to put up some Christmas lights and a few decorations. When I am done I will try and get someone with a camera to take a picture of it.

I must admit that I am liking selling yarn more than I thought I would. You get to meet people and hang around with yarn all the time.

On other front we are organising a Men's knitting night for December 14th. There will be a ten percent discount for men attending. It is nice to be doing something like this at the shop. I have consoled myself with the fact that there is not much a local male knitting community. Still, with events like this one we may be able to nurture one over time.

As I am working on the Knitting for War book I am thinking of other knitting books that I might want to write. I would like to write a real knitting book for men. Not something with a silly title and little content. But a real book aimed at at men that does not insult their intelligent. Yes I know it would not sell. Still a clown can dream can't he.

By the way I am still looking for pattern for the Knitting for War Book. I am going to put something on the side bar with a list of the patterns I still need. I continue to be bogged down on the how to knit section. I think I will have something that people can look at in another week or so. I may be overcritical on this section. I had not really thought about doing it when I started working on the book. I figured that I would concentrate on the who charity knitting thing and little else. Still enough people thought it was improtant that it should be included.

I am still kicking around the books about Brigadier Mason and Admiral Jefferson and his wife. I have found the old old short story that was about John Jefferson's first fleet command. I never did publish it. I have been working on it a bit. I will polish it up and send it to the Navy for approval. If they like it I will put it on the blog. Also it will be a relatively painless way to see if the plot and characters are up to snuff.

The main character in these book represent a couple organization that I care greatly about. Mason represents The Salvation Army which is my church. Even if I am not respected by them I still respect them. The other is the Navy. And quite frankly their daring during world war II may be the only reason that we are still here. When we look back at it now we tend to think it was foregone conclusion. The reality was there were several places that things could have gone the other way.

My grandfather served in Halsey's fleet during the war. He did not talk about it much. Still, it was apparent that the Navy made him much of the man that he was. I do hope to represent both of these organizations well.

On other knitting subjects. The Bee Hive Knitting Group is still up in the air. If I do not hear from them by noon Wednesday then I am calling Joe Beths. Knitting is supposed to be fun. Arguing with people over tables is not fun. And I am not going to do it any longer. Life is just too short. I will let people know via the Hive Knitting Yahoo thing if we change locations.

Well read me here and or see me at Natural Starches. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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