Thursday, November 22, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree & Visit to the Hurricane Knitters

Good times at the shop yesterday. One of the fun parts of my job is that I get to build things out of these black grid things. Well here is my latest creation. Just in time for black Friday a Christmas tree.
The gross commercialization of our Lord's birth is still alive and well. I have to admit that I have not really respected Christmas since I was twelve. When I have kids we will not be doing the Christmas thing like everyone else. If we are going to celebrate Christ's birthday we are going to do it right.
And being a clown I know how to celebrate a birthday. We are going to have a cake and I will hire a pony and a clown. Sure there will be a tree to decorate and presents for the kids. I am a progressive not a sadist that hates kids.
Also for the true spirit of giving we will work in a homeless shelter or hospital. I remember something about giving to others. It was in a book type thing they make us read at church.
Anyway back to Black Friday. As you might imagine the shop will be open on Friday. Stop by there will be fun and yarn for everyone. We also filled the tree with some fun things from the good people at Aslan Trends.
Being the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we did not have activities at the Corps. So I have a chance to head out to a knitting group that I rarely go to. Wednesday is busy day for knitting group here in Western Pa. So I went out to visit the Hurricane Knitters In Fox Chapel. I figured it would be a slow day because it was close to thanksgiving. It was a bit slow, still great fun was had by all.
There were five people and fun was had by all. This group meets at the Barnes and Nobles in the Waterworks shopping complex. Like most Barnes and Nobles they have a well lit and fairly comfortable cafe. The staff was incredibly friendly. the manage even gave up the table he was doing paper work at for the group. This is always a good sign.
I would imagine that the group usually has more members. Still, the people that were there were very friendly and were working on a variety of projects. I was working on a fairly simple prayer shawl. A seamless sweater was finished and there was even some yarn from Righnbeck.
All and all if you have the time this is a definite place that a knitter should stop by. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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