Sunday, November 25, 2007

Moving Hive Knitting

Well it appears that Hive Knitting will be moving to the Joseph Beth Book store on the South Side. I spoke to a manger at JoBeth's today and they will be getting back to me on Monday.

When we do move we are going to be moving the group up to 6:00PM because they close a bit earlier than the Bee Hive.

It sad to have to be moving the group. Still, we have had to bend over backwards to do the group. We bring our own lights are frequently the subject of rude people. I don't know. We should have given up on them months ago. Still, it used to be the cool place to hung out.

Poetry readings, musicians and all sorts of artists used to call it home. Now it is dungeons and dragons and people playing cards games with monsters. I suppose that officially makes it not the place the cool people are hanging out at.

I never claimed to be a cool person. I suppose cool people are people that others aspire to be. I have never really aspired to be anything other than the best me that i could be. Maybe that make me cool. Probably not, still, it is nice thought.

Well that leads us to the next question. I suppose we can no longer call it Hive Knitting. I suppose I will put it to the group. If anyone out there has a good name let me know.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Kath said...

In my book "cool" people are those who have manners. And it sounds like the folks at the Bee Hive do not. They also are apparently unaware that although knitting has been around for longer then either one of us - at this point in time it is so definitely "cool", even "hip".

It also sounds like you will be better off and happier in another location, one that appreciates all sorts of creative endeavors and the additional business that your group meeting will bring in.

Perhaps you need a group name that is not connected to the meeting location? Something that is characteristic of the members of the group?

Anonymous said...

knitting clowns?
clowning with yarn?
knitting with Zeeppo?
south side knitting?

just a couple thoughts


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