Thursday, October 11, 2007

Really Really Behind on New Flags

I am really behind on flags that I should have put up on the Blog.

Vietnam has had a few people stopping by.

Venezuela has had a few people stopping by as well. Hugo please send us some tasty oil. We are running out of countries who have oil that are talking to us.

United Arab Emirates, Hello

Taiwan we know that you are not part of China no matter what those people to the west of you say.

This is a really cool Flag

Qatar, Hello

Peurto Rico, all the benefits of America and you still get your own Olympic team.

Moldova, Moldova, Moldova the dance of Moldovia. I am writing a theme song for Moldova in my head

Mauntius, Hi. These folk are bucking the tri color flag thing. Way to stick to Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland and all the rest I am not going to list

Latvia good evening

Grenada, cool I am watching Heartbreak Ridge as I am typing this.

Cyprus the only flag that is a geography lesson too.
I am still astounded that this many people stop by to listen to me ramble about all kinds of irrelevant things. Be safe out there everyone and keep your stick on the ice.
For the people from Saint Lucia and Grenada that is a Hockey reference. It is a game you play on ice. Saint Lucia that is something the frozen people in the Commonwealth do.

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