Monday, October 08, 2007

Ravelry - Yay

I was invited to Ravelry today. And only six hours after I have joined I have five friends. That is nearly twice as many Friends as I have in the real world. So I am excited about that.

This was a neat thing and I am glad that I sign up three year ago to get through the waiting list. Actually it does appear that they are working hard to avoid many pit falls of new and popular websites. I have put up two things in the Forum type thing. With the exception of the Yahoo thing for my knitting group I have not used this sort of thing before. I suppose that the Knit List is that sort of thing. Although the restriction on that do not appear to be in Ravelry.

I know the people that are involved in this already know about these neat features. Still, it did get my attention the amount of stuff that you can so on this site. I have to admit that I was not terribly impressed with the progression of the Knit List and a few of the Internet thing that are out there about knitting.

One thing that i am tickled about is that i get to use just Zeeppo as my ID. For some reason there is a drunk guy who has been using Zeeppo on things like blogger yahoo and various other places. So I frequently have to add stuff to my clown name to use it on line. When I have million of dollars I will buy all of the Zeeppo names out there. IT will be the first step in my take over of the world. Still, that involves mechanical kangaroos and blaming stuff on Australia. But i digress.

Well just wanted to post about this and that. Everyone have a good morning out there. BE SAFE AND KEEP YOU STICK ON THE ICE.

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