Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Hello people out there in Blogland.

As life moves along I continue to work on my writing projects. And without the splint my knitting is slowly returning to normal. Although it does appear that I am faster with the belt knitting and not splint. So I will probably continue to knit that way. I have recently been informed that you can purchase an honest to goodness knitting belt from school house press. I have not been able to find mine and I only have a few of the needles I inherited from B.

The pocket thing that I got from the Punk Rock Shop on the South Side is working more or less with the Boye Needles. If I am going to continue to use the Boye needles I will have to a slightly better way to attack the needles to the belt. i suppose I could destroy a couple set of Boye Needles and tun them into double points. For some reason I am bother by the prospect of chopping the end on my beloved Boyes.

Well moving along. I am getting back to the book on Charity knitting. I work on that some today. with a few more patterns and some improvements to the how to knit section i think it would be done.

The book will be organised into several sections. There is the how to knit section, knitting for the homeless, Chemo Caps for Cancer patients, Knitting for the Troops and a section on prayer shawls. I am still looking for some patterns, any suggestion would be helpful.

Well that is it for the moment. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Lana said...

Hey there Zeeppo! Hope you put in a little bit about knitting for preemies:~)

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