Saturday, October 27, 2007

I digress.......

It is Saturday and I am heading out to look for an MP3 player. My old CD player is on it's last legs and I should probably get with the new technology. Even though I use a computer I tend to update things slowly. Most of what I use the computer for is to write books and post in this blog.

Last week I got my first flicker account because that appears to be the only way to post pictures to Ravelry. I must say that i am pleased with the Ravelry. I am not sure i am as excited as some. Still, it is a neat idea and I think it's time has come.

I did start a group for the book. I may have mentioned that.

You would think I would remember the contents of this blog. Still, I do not really read this blog. Which is odd. Perhaps there would be fewer misspelling and grammer problems if I read the blog. But I digress.

Anyway I have gotten a few patterns from people from The Knit List and Ravelry. A few more patters and I think i will have a book.

I did ask what people thought about having a how to knit section in the book. Half the people that emailed me were for it and the other half were against. So i ask some friends. And I should not have asked an even number of people. Half were for and half were against.

So it is back to the drawing board. I am going to write a chapter on how to knit. At this point none of the patterns in the book have crochet. So there will be none of that. I will probably put a link to a site that has a good how to crochet section.

It is truly odd how things progress. When this blog was started it was a way to post about odd things and to find other male knitter. The finding other male knitters in my area has not worked out that well. I have posted about a lot of odd stuff.

Now it is a tool in writing a book. Yes it is very odd how things progress.

On other fronts there has been some movement on the Army thing. I am told that I was asked to do something before I could be considered as a candidate for training. This was a surprise because i had never been asked to do that thing. It has been several weeks since this revelation and no other movement has been made.

I do not mind being the black sheep. I have found that many circus clowns do not respect organised Christian religion. Historically good Christians have been against Circus folk as messengers of sin. Then again many silly thing have been said by good Christians over the years.

Personally I see organised religion as the only way to deal with the really big problems. So it is not fair for those that have been hurt by the church to say it is a bad thing. You cannot complain about hunger, suggering and poverty and then say there is nothing you can do about it because you don't like the church. That is a bigger cop out then the church not liking different people.

That was the main reason I felt called to the Army. The scriptures talk of unconditional love and helping people. And when I was on the road I was with one exception always welcome at a Salvation Army Corps. This was not true of my home church which was about fifty fifty. And the reality of that is more a small town suspicion of different things.

There was no vast church conspiracy to keep out the Circus Folk. Just a group of people trying to protect their daughters from the heathen hordes of jugglers, tumblers and mimes. By the way you simply cannot trust those mimes. Everything they say about them is true, but I digress.

So I continue to wait for a resolution to this problem that does not appear to exist from my vantage point. I will keep you posted.

If you have any pattern ideas for the book email me. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Lana said...

Hi Zeeppo!
I came across a paper with conversion charts at
Another good site for using acrylic yarn is at
One that shows how to knit at
I hope you can squeeze in the pattern for papipads from
People seem to either love or hate Red Heart. I learned to knit with it and have no problem using it. Every yarn like every person has a place and use.
I'm currently working on the very simple baby blanket, but have run out of pink yarn! A little over half way on it too. I am having concerns with the pattern for preemie hats since they don't seem to match the size guidelines at
for the head circumference even though I know they are stretchy. I could probably include them in the bereavement packages though. I much prefer using the pattern at
I hope these links will be a help to you! Have a blessed day:o)

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