Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Traditions in The Army and Clowning

A Bible and two Salvation Army Song Books arrived in the mail today. The Army Song book is a big tradition in our church. In most Christian Churches the Hymnal or song book is the thing sitting in the pew. In The Salvation Army it is that as well. In addition to there are leather bound version of the song book with the New Testament. This is usually so special that it is given to new soldiers and Cadets when they are sent off to training. In addition it is generally embossed with the name and rank of the person that is getting the book.

This all goes back to the days when we would run around in the streets of London telling people about Christ. It was also a neat little way to have everything you needed for a service in one package.

You may ask yourself what this has to do with anything even remotely connected to knitting or clowning. Or you have switched to a more interesting blog by this point. If you have stuck around I will explain.

In the old style clowning world that spawned me you get given something when you advance in rank. At this point I have a clown that has advanced in rank and I didn't give him anything. And the beauty of it is he doesn't read this so it will be still a surprise on Sunday when I give him something.

So we are starting a new tradition. You get a burgundy leather bound Bible for completing the Basic Clowning Proficiency and a Song Book when you make the rank of Jr. Clown. So Sergeant Jimbo gets a Bible and a Song Book.

We went with the burgundy because it is cooler than black which is the only other choice. I was considering asking if we could get the song book made in electric blue. I did not because it might annoy someone. And my officer has taken enough fire for just knowing me.
And I go Jimbo a new song book. I have not charged the camera and this was the only picture I had.
Going back to the clown tradition the gifts that were given at these stages were considered essential clown stuff. And us being Christian Clown what is more essential than the Bible.
So for Jr. Clowns they will get one and a half Bibles and a Song book. By the way if any one know why we only have half the Bible in the Song Book I would like to know.

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