Sunday, October 28, 2007

Knocking About

I have been working on the knitting book and playing around on Ravelry. I have not really knit anything in the last couple days. Still. I have been playing around with some pattern ideas.

I continue to be struck with the Revelry and what the people in it do. There is another person out there writing a charity knitting book. I am glad to see that happening. It makes me think that I am not that crazy.

It strikes me that I have not talked about the new knitting shop in Pittsburgh. I have been working to help them put together the stock on display units. When the shop opens I will be working there and teaching classes. I will post the classes when the schedule is put on their site.

Even more fun is the yarn. With the exception of Red Heart we have stocked most of the yarns that I like. And the ones that I have not use or heard of are yarns that I now like. I would go into more detail but I do not know if it is secret or not.

The space is coming together nicely. they have a great crew working on it. They put in a sprinkler system and drop ceiling in once day.

Well just wanted to put in a post. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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DDancer said...

Thanks for the kind words. YOu can always check out the site: Natural Stitches to find out what is going on at the shop. I recently did a massive update and it has a lot more info on it now.


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