Monday, March 03, 2008

Strange Stuff

It takes a lot for me to think something is odd. With my background there is usually not much that surprises me. One of the things that has surprised me is something that we are doing in our newsletter. We have a couple of these newsletters under our belt. So we are closing in on a fairly good format for the thing.

In the last issue we added a new feature. An advice column that is supposedly written by the shop's cat Raven. Only one human responded to the article. Everyone else wrote message from their pets. With the popularity of LOL Cats I should have guessed that the pet people would take this thing to an odd place. So here I am responding to email from Cats and dogs.

Oddly this is the first thing that we have had several people respond to in the Newsletter. We have asked for finished objects from customer and have only received one with pictured. The cat wants to say something and we get half a dozen replies.

This is the URL to get the shop's newsletter. Even if you do not live in Pittsburgh it is a good little read.:

Also if you would like to send your own question to Raven you can send that at

We are also going to be posting responses from Raven on this Ravelry group. At the moment Raven is waiting for Ravelry invite. Never the less he has his own group at :

Feel free to join in the fun. Be save out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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