Saturday, March 29, 2008

Part 2 of 3015 * Super Dolittle Scarf * Two Trash Cans

This is the next thing that I hate on my list. Yup this cute white dog. This dog sell Cesar Dog Food. Now you may be saying how can you hate such a cute little dog? Easy, this little guy is the result of generation or forced genetic mutation. This abomination is just another footnote Humanity's genetic medaling. We have all heard stories about Pit bulls attacking people unexpectedly. We these little guys are the ones that you have to look out for. In this furry little body beats the heart of a viscous wolf. He is only waiting for the proper time to strike. They will exact their revenge on the cruel world that created the deformed little frames.

This is why a wear Doc Martins at all times. When they have completed their recruiting and training they will strike. Packs of horrible little poof balls will charge out into the streets. They will bite every human they come in contact at the achilies tendon. They will drag people down and feast in horrific orgy of revenge and retribution.

Alright the actually reason is that a just prefer medium sized dogs. And the whole three thousand part series is just a put on. I suppose i am not as good as a running gag as i once was. I thought it was going somewhere funny. I was wrong, but, I digress.

For some actual knitting news this is the finished Super Do Little scarf. It comes out to just over five feet long. Perfect for Apprentice Stewart and her tiny little self. After the next practice i should have some pictures of her using it. We are still not certain how it will be added to the show. We need a bit more slap stick.

With the serious bulk of this thing it really does a good job flopping around. I have been considering hug pom poms on either end. We will see how that works out.

We have been looking for a way for her to know over the larger clowns in the Brigade. We have been working with a foam hammer. Unfortunately she cant hit them in the head because of the height difference. At the point we have been practicing her hitting them in the knees. This needless to say is bit violent. By the way I would like to thank the Mafia and Tony Soprano for messing up a perfectly good clown bit.

Well anyway I will keep you apprised on future development on the Super Dolittle scarf.

Onto some entirely irrelivant stuff. People have been asking me if the shop in East Liberty or Shady Side. Well I suppose I could look up in the ward map of the city. Still finding a real answer is a very boring way to solve this problem.

So I looked toe the ultimate authority of what a neighborhood is named, trash canes. Lo and behold there are two trash cans on Liberty Ave. They are situated at the entrance to our shoping complex. As you can they are on the boarder of East Liberty and Shady Side. This tells me two things. First there is no such thing as the East Side of Pittsburgh. If it were a real place it would have a trash can. That is just the natural order of things.

Also it tells me we have very lazy tagger in our neck of the woods. On the south side they climb the tenth street bridge to draw little pictures. Now those are taggers. Just a wanna be cursive name on a ground level object with a flat side. Please, my granny follows behind moving trucks and buses on a skate board to tag. If it is a long enough stretch of road she can do a whole mural. She just finished on of Milford Brimly beating up Donny Osmond. Grands Ma Ma does hate that new rock and roll so.

If you have been brave enough or board enough to keep reading to this point you might want to know one thing. Which side of the Trash can demarcation is the shop on. I supposed that would be the third peice of information I learned from the Trash cans. Well there is also the fact they about half full of McDonald Pie boxes. Interestingly the Shady side one is more full of them than the East Liberty one. No wait that is the third thing and the Shady Side pie eaters is the fourth.

So the fifth thing would be the fact that Natural Stitches in on the Shady Side side. Well I get off the bus at East Liberty Station. So even though the trashcan say one thing I am going with East Liberty. Besides you would have to be silly to judge thing by trash can.

We have a good night everyone. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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