Monday, March 03, 2008

I Can't Seperate the Little Paper Things

Once upon a time I used to make cup cake a great deal. Marrying a diabetic that doesn't like it when I use the kitchen has curtailed this to a certain degree. I discovered today that I cannot pull the little paper cups apart. No great horror could face a cup cake day.

I am fairly certain that each of my cup cakes has five or six paper cups. I wonder if this will effect their baking time. Each of the cup cakes is turning out even though there is half a tree around each of them.

I imagine that there is a machine out there that would do this for me more efficiently that I can do it. The only problem is that it probably costs a ton of money.

Various books continue to move along. The last week I have been concentrating on Knitting For War. AS I throw together the text together I must now look to getting stuff knitted. I have a couple scarves, hats and mittens already done. This leaves a few more hats, helmet liner and the sweaters that need to be done.

In the up side I have more of the items done for the clown section. Although I think we are going to add the Dolittle Hat and Scarf to the mix as well. We have also been kicking around knitting and crocheting squares that will be used in blankets. That would probably be another section.

With all of the family stuff calming down I should be able to be able to move forward on that fairly well. The Etsy should should also be a useful thing in this endeavor. Being that I do not have a chair of book store that will probably be my best place to sell this thing.

Be safe out there everyone and keep you stick on the ice.


Stephieface said...

There's a thingy you can get that looks like big fatty tweezers with rubber tips that is used to grab a singular coffee filter (because with coffee, one can have the same sort of issues)... maybe you could use one of those for your cupcake cups.

Patricia said...

You might also try the office supply store and get either that rubber thing that looks like a thimble or that "tacky" stuff you put on your fingers...not sure if that's edible though...

BTW--I am so excited to hear about Natural Stitches!!! I bought some REcycled Cotton at the Pgh Knit & Crochet Fest from the Nat. Stitches booth and my current project is showcasing this fibre. Glad to hear the Hive Knitting is still buzzing too! Tell Carol hello for me.

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