Tuesday, March 11, 2008

O Bobmas Tree O Bobmas Tree

Ahhhhh it is that magical time of the year that time when little yarnie people get together and celebrate their stringy craft. You may be saying to yourself there is a holiday for this. Why yes, yes there is. That wonder and perfect time of year is a called Bobmas.

Those of you that are not using the Ravelry may be saying to yourself has Z hit his head or something. The Bobmas is the anniversary of the Ravelry.

At Natural Stitches we will be getting together at 6:00 PM on April 12th to give thanks for this yarnie goodness. We will do so with offering of food in pots. Yes the traditional Pot Luck of the Bobmas season.

Alright so there are no traditions and we are making it up. That is the best kind of holiday. I mean who picked Santa Claus. What were they thinking? Fat guy in a suit flying around in a sled.

Anyway if you want to show up for this send an email to the shop at shop@naturalstitches.com. Isn't that clever shop at Natural Stitches. Well I think it is clever. Back to the subject at hand. If your would like to some to the Pot Luck bring a pot of a tasty food and let us know that you are are going to be there. That way we will have enough chairs.

Onto other things we have Ravelry night and had a good time as always. We decorated the Bobmas dog. By the way that is the lit up thing in the picture. It has pom poms made from Mexicana. What more could you want?

Someone sent me a Lol Cat that inffered that cats do not know how to use entertainment equipment. Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

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Terri Lynn said...

Where did you get Bob? I am so praying someone won't squawk over Bob being wrapped in lights. I need one of these!

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