Friday, March 21, 2008

The Actual Dolittle Scarf

After much playing around with the original design I have finally settle on what will be the Dolittle Scarf. It will be two of the original Dolittle scarves with the cast ons intertwined. Instead of two ruffled there will be four. Also it will be made out of the Old Stand by Red Heart. The Colors will be Mexicana {Like you had to guess} blue, red and yellow. The last three are Salvation Army color and the first three clown rank colors of the Brigade.
The picture is of me working on it a Men's Knit Night at Natural Stitches. You cannot really make it out, Still, I am wearing my Bad Knit Girls Tee Shirt. It just came in from Cafe Press. I am thinking of using this service for the Clown Brigade. They do have a nice product.
Just for fun there is a picture of me in a kilt standing next to the Malabrigo in the shop. We go in several new colors today. If you are a Malabrigo junky this is a good time to stop into the shop.
Well Airplane II is on the televisor. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Littlelou said...

The scarf looks great, I love colour so the brighter the better!! Cool you wear it often? Its too windy here in Scotland at the moment for that apparel, haha.
Keep on clowning, Happy Easter.


metal and knit said...

I think that is the same as the Shaw Tartan whick is black watch with the red added in the same fashion.

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