Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Stuff - Pom Poms _ Clown Practice

Something that I know is troubling all those folks out there is how do you get a good pom pom out of red heart.

Well over to the side here I have a sort of step by step picture thing. And if you are wonder yes we get very snap happy with the camera at Hive Knitting.

Anyway you get this plastic thing and you wrap yarn around it. They you cut the yarn at the edge of the gizmo. Then you tie some more yarn around the center of the mass of yarn you have made. Then you have yourself a pom pom.

I am sure that is the informative rant about how to make pom poms If you honestly wanted me to go on and on about Red Heart Pom Pom I am sorry. Come into the store and I can sell you the gizmo and a promise I will talk to you about endless for at least ten minutes.

By the way this pom pom is the largest pom pom that you can currently get from Clover.

For anyone that is interested this is a large pom pom that will be going at the top of Apprentice Stewart hat for her costume.

Of course being a clown hat it must have the largest and bestest pom pom that you can get.

Onto other very important things. Someone wanted to know where I got a cut out of a Boston Terrier.

I printed out a dog I downloaded from the interweb. I then glued it on some corrugated cardboard. Moving on.

For those of you that are keeping up with the picture over to the left I am tying off the mass of yarn there. I have found that to be one of the most interesting part of the process.

Since this is such a long series of picture I am taking this moment to have an intermission. So the next thing here is a clip from our practice tonight.

Practice was fun tonight. As you can see , if you bothered to watch the pointless video, I started juggling torches again. So I am not back to where I was, still, it is nice be moving along to regain ground.

By the way if you are still following the pom pom action you pull the gizmo apart and fluff the ball. Great Stuff I know.

Back to the clown stuff. I may not be the worlds greatest juggler. Never the less I have always liked it.

One of the best parts of being a Clown is sharing the knowledge with other people. Having Apprentice Prealue just starting out on her juggling is great. Even in my beat up state I can still pass on that knowledge to others.

Life is good at the shop. I still have a hard time believing that I get paid to sit around a big room full of yarn. What is not to like.

I have also been have a couple people take classes. No men yet but a few kids and the Machine classes are doing well.

Well life is good. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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