Thursday, May 17, 2007

It is Really Hard to Find Title for These Posts Sometimes

The last week of knitting has been busy with preparation for the show this Sunday. By that way our show will be at 6:00 PM at the Salvation Army in Homestead PA. If you are interested email me and I will send you details. It is a free show and fun should be had by all.

Well the chemo Caps keep coming. I have finished five since Sunday. Not bad for a fairly full work week just before a show. A couple double balls were cranked for The Marley and there is at least one super ball to be stitched together. What more could one want?

I continue to to be edited on The Knit List. I put up another post about the festival to see if they will allow it to be posted. Anyway I was posting that we are looking for more teachers and volunteers for the Fall Fiber Festival.

We are also going to need Yarn Angels to help with Knitting Crochet and Spinning Classes. We are looking to have around Thirty classes so we are going to need an awful lot of help. Yarn Angels with assist the teachers with students who need extra help during the classes.

I am very happy with the way that the teaching staff is shaping up. We have several excellent teachers already. I only wish I would have the time during the festival to take a few classes. That is the only draw back or organising such a thing. One does not get to enjoy it as much as someone that bought a ticket would.

I have come to the conclusion that I am definitely a project knitter. I have note that many people have to knit on a regular basis and are constantly hungry to do something new. Myself I am knitting the most when I have something that needs to be done. I am sure that it is a point that means very little in the grand scheme of thing.

I am pleased to note that The Knit list people finaly posted a comment that I have left. Granted I did have to leave out the location and what the Fiber Festival would benefit, still, it is a start if nothing else.

It does make me curous why religion is such are hand thing for some people. i understand that most of the death and distruction that has taken place historically has been in the name of God. Still, that does not explain why it is such a hard thing for so many people in this country. I also realise that we are for lack of a better term involved in a sort of Holy War.

None of this explains why a group of people would be so picky that they could not even have the name of a church listed on their site. If I had another alternative I would take it. I even tried to join the Christian Knitter to find a like minded internet group. It turn out that I am not Christian enough for them. I really wish I was Christian enough or secular enough to be in one group or the other. What a weird place to be in.

As stated more than a year ago part of the reason I started this blog was to look at the knitting world on the Internet. The role that sub groups play in the whole enterprise is fascinating. I am always amazed at how something as simple as knitting can be used and transformed in so many ways. We may all be kniters but we bring the distinctions we have in life to our craft. That may sound like a simple thing to say. It may even be an obvious.

Well the wonders of internet aside this is a valuble asset.The festival that we are trying to set up would probably not be possible without the internet.

As I continue to ramble on about this an that I also have a kitten update. The critters are doing well. My wife has found homes for the kitties. They will probably be ready for their new homes in a month and a half or so. Back kitten is much larger than grey kitten. Grey kitten is eating well enough and if growing and healthy looking. Black kitten eats so much more than gray kitten though. She is much larger than grey kitten.

I am think about opening a Kitten Orphanage. People could come to my house and the little fur balls would line up hoping for a family to tak them. I would be like something out oliver twist. Cute little critters would waddle up to my chair waiting for their bottle. I would let them have as much as they wanted. a small herd of happy little kittens would bring me my slippers and the evening paper. And I would read my little freinds bed time stories.

Maybe I am thinking too much about this. Well that tends to be my way. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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