Friday, May 11, 2007

Fall Fiber Festival Planning

Serious planning for the Fall Fiber Festival in Pittsburgh has begun. We have eight teachers and several volunteers. Our first step will be to find sponsors and vendors. By the way if you own a shop in Western PA and would like to come let me know.

I am still working on Chemo Caps and may even have pictures from the event this sunday. My self and one of our clowns will be attending the race for the cure. Being that clown are not much of runners we will be kntting chemo caps on the side line near the bagel stand. If you are going to part of a race sitting near the bagle stand is the way to do it.

Moving along I am typing on another computer today because I have still not picked up another keyboard. There is no computer store down town. And busrider like to shop down town. Being that i am working yester today and saturday I will not have the time to bus it out to a store in the suburbs. Still, life goes on.

the prayer shawl is being worked on by the other members of the brigade. It was a dozen or so rows away from begin finished when I last worked on it. So it should be done soon life is good.

Well as i said i am busy working and must retorned to doing something lucrative. between practice and meeting plumbers my wee is full. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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