Saturday, February 24, 2007

Way off in Left Feild - Your All Wrong - I Want to be Knit List Mom

Today was a moderately busy day. I worked on my socks some more and the dialogue for a couple routines for the Brigade. I also made some little paper furniture for Sunday. It is odd to be teaching Jr. Soldiers again. For those outside the Army that is a training program for young people in The Salvation Army. We mostly do Jesus stuff, although there is some Army tradition and history in there as well. We are doing the Tabernacle

Our men's club is also getting ready to do some open airs. This is another Army tradition that we do not see enough of today. Basically it is holding a church service outside. We do not hold Sunday service outside we hold an additional service outside. It is nice to be doing them again as well.

Any way onto some knitting stuff. One thing that I noticed the last couple months is that people who have free pattern sites have links for one kind of item. I have not noticed a single site that has all forms of knitting in the same way that there are a couple good juggling sites. Perhaps I am just missing them. If anyone knows about one of these mega sites let me know. If not does anyone know a good free website service out there. I was even poking around at Yahoo's Geocities today considering building my own super site. If there is such a thing I would like to link to it.

Also I have noticed a strange tendency I have when knitting socks. Firstly I was taught how to knit them toe up. It was not until I went out into "The Real World" of knitting that I found that most people knit socks backwards. How do you all try them on? You have much more faith than I do. The truly strange thing I do is that I shift the stitches from one needle to the next when I am only using four needles. For some reason this feels and seems right to me. I cannot find any reference any where why one would do this.

It has been a couple years since I have knit socks and I do not know why I was taught to do this. Over the last couple years I have started a couple pairs of socks but have not gotten above the toe where I start doing this. I do not recall being taught this. Still, this is just how I do it and always remember doing it this way. I even emailed a couple of the clowns I know who were taught me to knit. I asked them why we do this and the one that emailed me back just said it is the way it is supposed to be. This is truly weird I think. Although I have nagging feeling that everyone else on the planet is wrong. This must be how EZ felt about English Style knitters. Fear not I will not+ begin going around telling everyone that they are wrong. Even if everyone is wrong I will keep that opinion to myself. And if anyone has a good reason why I am knitting socks like that let me know. It is nice to have reasons to be right.

Another thing I have forgotten about socks is that they are an obsession nearly as great as a good hundred foot long scarf. Although on smaller scale. That is of course unless you have really big feet. I do have big feet for a person under six foot tall. Still, they are not so big that they rival a long scarf in knitting effort. I should probable digress at this point. And if I think I should stop now that probably means I should have stopped a couple paragraphs ago. Like I probably should not compare myself to EZ or say everyone on the planet is wrong.

Also I have asked to join what I think is now what The Knit List used to be. It appears that it is now a Yahoo group. I don't imagine they have any more clowns on The Knit List than they did years ago. Still, I have some fond memories of it. I also have a couple not so fond memories of it. Still, since I can't join all of those inactive rings that you see in the right hand column. I might as well join something I think is fairly active. It is like the KT Tunstall song. Suddenly I do see why it means so much to me. I once had a great connection with the knitters around me. They were all just like me. Now when I go out to a knitting group they are not like me.

It is not that anyone that I now knit with is not a pleasure to be around. For some reason on an uncontious level it was important to be a part of something. I suppose that I am too far out in Left Field to be an integral part of any group. That is the odd thing, I have always thought I played well with others. The whole knitting thing does have me a bit down. In clowning I did well. Not being able to find a place to teach knitting I suppose has been more of a blow to my ego than anything else.

And how come no one told me Kt Trustall is from Scotland? There should have been a memo or something. It there are any other cool Scottish singers out there? Let me know. Just so I make sure I haven't missed anyone. Oh an go see her My Space page:

I imagine I am about seven years behind the times. Still, I always knew that the My Space thing was there. I also knew there were music people on it. I really like going to websites that have music embedded in them. If I made music I would embed it in this blog. That is if I knew how to do that. By the way she does a really cool version of "I Want You Back".

I just got the automated email from The Knit List Moms. Wow, I wanted to be a Knit List Mom when I first started looking at knitting on the Internet. It looks as if all Moms are still women. Well I imagine they were always women. I mean that none of them are men. From their form letter they still look fairly exclusive. I will probably not be able to become a Mom. Oh well.

If anyone that reads this is a Knit List member let me know if I have a chance.

I am beginning to think that I should write an out line for some of these entries. As I sit here looking at my card stock version of the Ark of the Covenant It makes me think about Charity Knitting at Knit 1 on Sunday. If you happen to be in the Squirrel Hill area stop by. I do not know why my mind make that leap it just does.

I should probably bring this entry to an end. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Patricia said...
Have tons of links to free patterns here. Isn't Rod Stewart Scottish?

fiberfanatic said...

well, by golly, you made it "into" the list, and have already posted. Welcome!

Jennifer said...

A clown. How cool is THAT! But I'm sure you know that already :) Well, welcome to the knitlist... I don't post often, don't have much time but I try to keep up. I have a farm in upstate NY, 300 sheep, am a spinner, a knitter, a dyer, a weaver, a mother, and apparently, have had to much caffiene this evening. Enjoy your new list and welcome.

Jennifer @

Telmah said...

Welcome to the knitlist, I'm sure you'll find lots and lots of useful information and fun links. I think that being a listmom might be more responsibility than you're looking for, since the volume is so high on the list, and also I've noticed that the people who are the most important to the list in terms of helping people and teaching techniques aren't moms, they're just knowledgeable and prolific contributors. Your membership with us can be a great help and inspiration to many regardless of parental status!


roxtarchic said...

i heard her song on the radio... AGES ago... and HAD to find out who she was... then when i learned she was scottish i was all "yeah of COURSE she's scottish cause she's sooo talented" ;)

altho my band has refused to learn big black horse & a cherry tree... doesnt mean i dont sing it every chance i get!

you might also like damien rice (he's irish not scotttish but trust me you'll like)

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