Sunday, February 04, 2007

Changing Stuff

I am considering changing stuff around. First I am tired of the Russel Crowe picture. It was funny at first now, not so much. I am trying to come up with a new profile picture. Something like this may be how I go as far as the profile picture.

The next thing I want to change is everything else on the Blog. I am thinking polka dots. I would like a very manly purple with goldenrod colored polka dots. If anyone has seen a template like that let me know.

I have no clue how to make that. I am not one of those computer people who can make up computer stuff. Tonight I am going out onto the interweb thing and looking for a new template.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


sunneshine said...

Love the photo for your profile! Can't really help with the computer stuff - but I think that you can pick a polka dot template from blogger then go into layout and change the colors to suit you....good luck!

roxtarchick said... these have great skins.. you just havta add all your stuff & it's a lil frustrating if you get a poorly written one...

love the pic btw

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