Thursday, December 27, 2012

Redding Up

I was at a knitting group the other day and someone noted that I do not have a Pittsburgh accent. I suppose they meant to say that I do not talk like a yinzer. They noted that I used the term redding up a little while ago and do not speak that way normally. They sugested that I was making fun the yinzer accent.

I am in a funny business. So yes I naturally make fun of things. Granted the yinzer accent is a joke unto itself. Anyone that would willingly wear a mullet in this day and age is a walking joke.

The person also stated that I did not put any Chris Brown videos on the old blog. I am not sure why I would. I do not put and clips of Wagner Operas on my blog for the same reason. I do not like them.They asked me if I did not like rap.

Not being a Chris Brown fan I did not know that he was a rapper. So I visited the good folks at You tube and listened to some of his music. I am not sure that I would call him a rapper. I would certainly call him formulaic. What ever he is it is clear that he only records what his producers tell him to. He is a programmed performer regurgitating someone else's words.

I may not love everything that Ice T and Dr. Dre said still it was what they were feeling. They are flag bearers of the pain and hurt that they feel. I think that they may have made the same music if only a handful of people had bought it. I am pretty sure Chris Brown would have been a knitter, basket weaver or anything else if obscene amounts of money could be made at it.

I think the most telling part of if someone is a defining member of their profession is how the next generation looks at them. With just a wee bit of research it looks as if Dr. Dre had something to do with bringing Eminem along. I was not able to find a story about Chris Brown doing that for someone else. Will the next generation of rappers be rapping about Chris Brown, I doubt it.  The next generation is rapping about Dr. Dre.

I think it is fairly obvious that I am not a huge fan of the rap. Still, like everything, some of it is good and a lot of it not so much. Maybe someday Chris Brown will not be in the not so much catagory. That day is not today. I leave you with a video Chris did with a Japanese Rap group. I will let you judge which is an artful socially important video. We have a heartfelt thanks to a mentor or an adamant statement that Chris like rear ends.

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