Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas and Kittens

I loverly Christmas Eve has been had thus far. I have managed to put exactly one inch on a sweater while under constant assault from a small army of cat. I wonder how many cats would actually constitute a small army. Well there are four cats and five kittens. They all like the yarn. Well I suppose that is something in the DNA of Cats.

Anyway this is mommy and her kitten under a chair. Well it is fairly obvious what is going on here. The Wife is away visiting her family and she asked me to put up some pictures of the kittens. Well the little critter squirm around and very few of the pictures are clear. I suppose if i were using a better camera they would some out better.

Also it appear that the primary purpose for blog is also to put pictures of one's cat on the internet. So here are cat pictures. I suppose that my blog does not have as many cat pictures as it could.

The mother is named Cuckie. She was given to me by a couple of the kids in the Clown Brigade. They named her and insist that is how you spell Cookie. The babies do not have names. There are five of them and they are cute as you would expect kittens to be. Anyway These are four week old kitten and they are just starting to crawl around and steal my yarn. So eventually these little yarn snatcher are going to need a home. If you live in Pittsburgh and would like a fur ball leave a comment.

Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

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