Saturday, May 31, 2008

3:30 AM Dog Attack

This is what it looks like when a dog attacks you at 3:30 AM. I was up because she attacked me at 3:00 AM The Camera freaks her out so if i had to be up i might as well have some fun.
The wife is still in the hospital so the dog is lonely. I am apparently not good enough company. Still she was getting really hard up and needed some reassurance.

This by the way is why I prefer cats. The wife does not like small dogs. As you can see the Sally is large enough to make her presence known. When Abigail or Mariska need loving they just curl up next to you. Occasional they wake one up when they fall asleep on your face. The Sally waked you up if she is in the same room.
Well she has enough love and had to head off an bother the cats. I can hear them plaing on the first floor.

Be safe out there everyone and keep you stick on the ice.

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