Thursday, May 22, 2008

South Side Adventure

Today I did a bit of roaming about my hill side. First thing first i needed to head to the flats for the local magic shop. This involved heading down St. Martin St. Like many of the street in my neck of the woods this one is a set of stairs. Very hard on cars. Still, pediestrians are reletively safe on them.
This picture is a bridge over the rail road tracks. The old Polish School is in the upper right of the picture. It is odd that on some point in the walk is is hard to see building.

This is the Cuckoos Nest or just the Nest as it is sometimes called. They have launched the hopes and dreams of hundred of local would be magicians. As a youth I would spend the occasional Saturday looking for tips and trick from people more sagged than me. In the clown word this is sort of like the Local Yarn Shop. The only difference is that there are more men and less gossip.
After the flats was a brief trip out of the City. This brought me to Mt. Oliver a small town entirely surrounded by Pittsburgh.
It was lunch time so that meant Gyro time. I took the time to work on one of my books while I was eating.
Next was the Keystone. This is an odd little plumbing supply and dollar store type place. I go in there from time to time to look for stuff that might be useful. In the past I have used a lot of PVC pipe from them. We are looking to build a very large puppet stage so this is a good bet we are going to need some pipe.
They didn't have what i thought I was looking for. Still, they had something I did not know that I was looking for. Namely this butterfly net. We needed another prop to chase someone around with during the show. This is different from the other two props and will fit in just right.
Well time to head back home. This is a cute white dog that like in my neighborhood. She is always wearing some sort of pink clothes. So I am assuming she is a girl. If she isn't I am not getting into it.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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