Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brigade Practice With Pictures

Just for fun I took a bunch of pictures at the practice. We are beginning to take more pictures to keep track of what we have been doing.
First things first this is some of the junk that I need to run the practice. This is the blue binder with notes on things we are doing. In the binder is our calendar and the first couple sections of our manual. The red yellow and blue thing is just a plain old note book. I also have my Salvation Army Song Book. We don't sing much at practice. Still, it has the Bible in it and we usually have to use that.

We are also working on making uniform shirts for everyone. The red one is my wife's and the first yellow one is Apprentice Stewart's. You can see her wearing it inside out in the next picture. At the moment all of the uniforms are done with iron ons. The logo is from a kit you can get at a craft store. the stars were bought at various places.
The Cadets are moving on to the hard balls. Just as a precaution they start with softer stuffed bags. After a couple weeks they move onto lacrosse balls.
Lt. Stewart was working on balloon hats. Great fun as it were.
More balloons Sergeant Arasin is running the balloon practice at this session. The yellow shirt does not show his Sergeant rank very well. Fortunately he is being promoted to Junion Clown soon. It shows up much better on the blue shirts. Everyone is moving along quickly on the balloon thing.
This is Cadet Thurman and Apprentice Stewart doing a song and dance thing they are making up. We took a video os it we might put up on the Clown Blog.
Yes it was a bit scary. Cadet Wilson was hiding up the pool table while it was going on.

Well the wee early morning hours are creeping up on me. There is a James Bond moving going on. I have to see if he saves Fort Knox Again.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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