Monday, May 05, 2008

Clown Founder Day

Hi folks, we had a fun Sunday at Steel Valley Corps. It was one of our Advancement ceremonies and Sunday Practices. This is me in an old ceremonial uniform. We don't have any of our own yet so I still wear my old one. By the way The Captain has been painting at the Corps. A couple weeks before this stair well was in not so great shape.
This is a close up of the candle arrangement used during the ceremony. Each clown is represented by a candle and we move the candles up as they advance through the rank system. It is a tradition that goes back through the various clown troupes that I have been part of. This is a pulled back shot of the altar after we have set up the clown stiff on it. The advancement steps have been covered with the Barry Scarf. As had become the tradition we display juggling equipment and a Bible on the alter to recognise the nature of the Brigade. Also displayed are the logos for each of the Sessions of Clowns thus far and the Brigade Logo.

After the Ceremony was practice time. His is Apprentice K in his kilt and a pretty pretty balloon hat. Behind him are several other Apprentice Clown and the newly appointed Second in Command of the Brigade Junior Clown and our Music Sergeant JC Stewart

The future of the Brigade is shown here with our first class of Cadets. Until this year we have not had enough people joining at one time to have Cadet Classes. One of the main reasons for the Sunday practices is to quickly train these new recruits. This the basic orientation where they begin to work on their clown face and names. Cadet Wilson on the right has taken the name Silly Lilly. Cadet Thurmon has taken the clown name Alakali.

This is Apprentice Prealu during the balloon section. She is up to eight or so Balloons in less than a month.

A big pile of balloons with Cadet Thurmon at Balloon Practice.

We also had a pot luck diner at this event. This was great fun as usual. See everyone at Hive Knitting. Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

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