Friday, May 16, 2008

More Hats More Cats

A fun and relatively uneventful day was had. Some knitting on various things was done. Some writing was done. And yet another clown practice was had. Actually we are up to four a week now.Tonight it was the Writing Committee.We are just about done with section 1 and section 3 is more than half way through. We will be taking the rest of the pictures for section 3 this week end.

This is another clown hat that I am working on. We currently have two brand new apprentices and three Cadets. While you are working on your persona it is foolish to purchase a wig. So in the mean time you get a super stylish clown hat. This one is a child size on five and half mm needles. It is made from Red Heart Hockey Pockey and Darice fun fur type thing. This thing is also going to get some pom pom as throw back to the hat work by traditional white face type clowns. I am going to put a cork screw type stripe around the hat with the Darice.

With the knitting group latter today and the amount of time I have to spend on the bus I should be able to knock out most of this hat.

Mariska spent her time lurking in the rafters at the writing practice. It is always great fund wondering is a cat is going to attack you from the ceiling. Well it is back to me yellow clown hat. Have fun out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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