Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Black Cats Are not Lucky.

I can post pictures again. I am not sure what was going wrong there. First up this is a picture of them fighting over a cat nip toy. They have also stolen the chair for the computer. Anyway when you are walking around in the dark it is really hard to see the cats. One of these days I am going to step on them. A bell simply does not do it. They are really great cats and like them a lot. It is just i can't see them at night. I think I am going to have them bleeched and dyes neon green. Or better yet I am sure there is some glow in the dark dye some where. Does anyone know where you get glow in the dark dye?

This is a Chemo cap that I am working on. I have no idea what yarn it is. It is a softish cotton out of the old stash. It think that Chemo cap are now my favorite thing to knit. They are simple and just fly along. After a good Law & Order Marathon you can have a stack of them. Good Times.

This is a shot of juggling practice this evening. There are five people there even though you cannot see them all. Out Three Cadet and two of the Apprentices were working on their tossing and catching. I am so happy I don't have to learn juggling again.

This is me lecturing during the practice. Believe it or not there is a great deal of this at practice. Much to the dismay of my Apprentices and Cadets. This is the exciting exciting Physical contact lecture. I tell every one the proper way to hug children. Yep clown have studies this at great length. I truly have a strange life.

There are my shoes and Khaki pant at the practice tonight. Yeah I am incredible photographer. I took nine picture of my feet. That is an all time record for me.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Steel City Knitter said...

I haven't figured out a way to make my black cats more visible in the dark either, unfortunately. I'd love to hear if you figure something out though. A black cat crossing your path in the dark certainly is pretty unlucky (most especially when you're on stairs. . .ask me how I know).

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