Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clearing out Jo Anne'

As has been the case on multiple occasions I have bought everything at a big box craft store. In the Pittsburgh area we have three choices. Jo Anne's Pat katans and Micheals. There are not Pat Katans on Bus lines that are easy for me to get to. If there were I might go there once and a while. Micheals has no fabric which annoys me on multiple levels. Any way we have decided to add clown insignia to our practice uniforms. The tradition is to use stars. So for most that means white stars. The Apprentices will use blue stars because their shirts are yellow. Any way Micheals did not have the right stars at all. So it was off to Jo Anne's. Jo Anne's one only had one pack of white. So it was off to another that had six.

This is the rack after I bought them all. I know sad. Once upon a time I could go to Parker Button and get all of the stars that i would want in any color that i wanted. Now it is an Easter Egg hunt in the Suburbs. Only you are bitter and angry at the end of the hunt. Namely because you go to three stores and still do not have enough stars.

This is Rachel at our the Sheep and Dinosaur knitting and crochet group on Monday. Walt made her a Parrot. We had three new people on Monday. We also did another episode of Yarn N'at, Since we have figured out how to make the shows longer it looks as if there are going to settle in at about half an hour long. That make it like a real show. Only no one is watching and it is poorly done. Never the less it is still fun. And we are still looking for people to interview and new idea.
This was Sunday. We had Brigade Practice and we did a huge number of Balloon. Apprentice Arasen is close to getting his Balloon Proficiency. Some where in that pile is a missing Cadet.
We also had a new person join the Brigade at this session. Yvonne Chasko has been clowning for a while now and has trained herself as Gospel Clown. She tested in as Junior Clown and is a hair breath away from being a Standard Clown. That is impressive in our system if you are keeping track.

Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

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