Monday, November 06, 2006

World Knitting News III

Flash Davenport, Iowa, United States – Army of Jpop Rockettes destroy Country and Hip Hop music indiscriminately. Diddy and Keith Urban vow revenge.

London, England – A rather large scarf is found on a Double Decker bus for no apparent reason.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States - El blogger loco escribe esta entrada en español por ninguna buena razón.

Kiev, Ukraine – Nothing even remotely having to do with knitting happened here today.

Adelaide, Australia – Mayoral candidate is disqualified not because she is a really a sheep but because she is not old enough to run.

Lima, Peru – Gang of Grannies is caught sheering neighbor’s Llamas with out permission. They are sentenced to six months hard labor in a Cody Spun Factory.

Havana, Cuba – Adoring Cubans knit Fidel a cigar cozy.

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