Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sewing and other things

Another lovely day of sewing and other odd tasks. I know that I needed another bag. The one that I have is about to fall apart. There was no way around this. The other rub is that the young kids that joined this Brigade are now older and can do more stuff. And the cadet bags most of them are using are not big enough for the equipment they now must use. On the up side it does mean they are all progressing. On the down side it is work I have to do.

I picked up the canvas webbing and buckles that are needed for the bags. I am still very short on snaps. So that means a trip to the lovely Parker Button Company in the morning. The ladies there are nice and very tolerant of my odd sewing needs. Frankly the folk at Jo Ann’s are getting up my nose. There is one lady who is stunned every time I go in that I can sew. I mean come on. She does not have to remember me personally, still, she could pretend I am not a Martian when she sees me.

I should take a picture of my bag and load it on this thing. It looks just like the ones from before. I am fairly proud of the bags we are using. In the last couple years the only think that had changed is the handle so they are more comfortable on the shoulder.

I have taken on another project now that I have complete a few. I am the President of my Choir this year. It is an administrative position and I have no creative control over the choir. So there is not chance I will destroy it. I have decided to keep a blog about the choir. I am messing around with the format of it. I will put a link up to it when I like it.

On the creative end of the choir thing I am learning a nice and simple song that I might be the lead on. It is entitle God is my Everything. You can Google it. I am not sure if I am going to put up my performance of the song. We do record the services but for the interweb I would have to have someone take a video of what I am doing. Well maybe one of the sempi could do that during the service. I will have to think about that.

Back to the choir blog. I have been writing out the entries one day and going over them the next. The hope is that they will be more coherent than my entries here. Well that is the hope anyway. Also I will be putting up the songs we are going to sing and a vid from youtube if there is one. I am also sure there will be some of my ramblings on about Gospel Music.

Hmmmmmmmm I am sure there is something that I am forgetting. I will have to ramble about that at a later time. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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