Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Book Stuff

The Last Great General is plugging along. In this book there are basically five main characters. And four of them interact with each other.

There is Evangeline Booth who is 12 at this point. She as been joined with a highly advanced war ship and is wicked smart and has extra human abilities. He best friend is Yamato Yukawa who is the computer for another powerful war ships. She has a physical android bady that makes her look like a teen age girl. There is also Commissioner Samuel Logan Brengle who was a real person. He was a Prophet in The Salvation Army. And much of what the Salvos are today is thanks to his writings. He and the two girls are thrown into the future where they have to solve a temporal problem. The other character in this group is Admiral McRandal who is about to be installed as the President of a new United States. It is his history that disappears.

Added to this mix is Catherine Mason a Salvation Army officer from the future who commanded on the salvo’s ships that can travel through time. She started off the story with Evangeline, Yamato and Brengle. When they get thrown into the future she is separated from them. In the first book her companion is the hologram from her ship. I have written about Mason and the relationship she has with her hologram. So I am having no trouble with that.

The problem that I am having is with Brengle and the girls. Brengle is much older than Evangeline but his life was lived in the past. He is the one that gives us perspective on what is happening in the future. on a personal level I think he would try and be some kind of father to Evangeline. Also I would think that a man from the past would have a problem with her only friend being a computer. He is never fully comfortable with Mason who is not entirely Human. So how would he feel about a super smart kid in charge of a powerful warship?

On the up side I have given myself a break on the accents. Evangeline, Brengle and McRnadal are Americans. Yamato is a computer that speaks perfect English. The only dialect I have to deal with is Mason and I am fairly certain I have her down.

Well it is something that I will have to slog through. be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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