Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Tech Support

I am having trouble with my phone. It is a great phone and it does everything that I need it to do and then some. The issue is that I do not know how to do all the function. The instruction are written in a tiny font that you need a microscope to read. In the past when I do not know how to do something I would simply read the instructions and find out. Saldy this thing has it's detailed instruction online in some kind of ap that I cannot work. I have taken it in to the store and they do not know how to fix it.

Shortly after I got this thing one of the young people in the clown troupe showed me how to use the camera on it. Frankly I did not know half the features and cold not read them in the tiny text. So I just did not usethe camera. Now after fifteen minutes of a kid explaining it to me I can get the thing to work rather well. Or at least what I think passes for rather well.

Now I have been tweeting. I have figured out how to get the messages sent to my phone. There are a couple things I have learned through this. Paul Rudd , the Ozzy Foreign Minister, is the chattiest person I follow on twitter. Samuel Jackson does not swear half as much as I would think he does. Well there are other things but they are even less important that the swearing habits of a person I will never meet.

Actually one thing I do like to follow is the news feed from various organization, NYT, BBC and so on. Heck I do not even watch the news any more. I just read about though links on the phone. It is like having a phone that is always up to date. Great stuff.

The only draw back is that the think beeps every time a messag comes in. I have not figured out how to keep it from beeping. If i put it on silent then my phone does not ring. And the gizmo that vibrated in it does not work when it is in my coat pocket. Actually it does work. I just cannot feel it.
So I suppose I need to swallow my pride and go back to the kid in my group that taught me how to use my phone. Well you cannot have everything.

Be Safe out the and keep your stick on the ice.

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