Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Stuff

Today I had the pleasure of working on a French Door. It is nearly a hundred years old and made of nice wood. It was water damaged once upon a time and had to be restained. The good folks at Miller Hardware in Mt. Oliver helped me out with the color and it came out rather nice. Now it matches the rest of the room that has it’s original wood work.

On other fronts I am still working on the clown bags. I have a couple full size apparatus bags and a couple apprentice bags that need made. The shoulder straps on these things are a killer to make. They are heavily padded and have a couple pockets and a tie down for rings. One end of the handle also has to be anchored into the Juggling Baton Pocket. So it is a tricky bit of sewing with the machine. Still, it is really worth it. We are looking at a new apparatus bag that is just a scaled up version of the Apprentice bag. It is easier to make and does not have a separate juggling baton pocket. Some of our folks think it has a neater look.

Myself I am still partial to the ones like mine. Frankly if I were not the one making them I think we would have switched to the newer kind of bag. I do hope that people in my troupe are not sticking with the old style bag just to keep me happy. Walk will be the first person in our group with the new style Apparatus Bag. I know that he would not carry a bag that he did not like to spare my feelings and yearning for tradition. Either way I have probably all ready put too much thought into this.

The juggling at CMU has started up again. It looks as if their weekly meeting is going to go to Tuesdays. We will have to miss this one because it will conflict with our practice at Second Baptist. On the up side they are still having Sunday at 3:00 PM that fits nicely into our schedule. Over the fall and early winter this became a nice fellowship for the jugglers in our Brigade. I am also certain that it is behind the new interest in juggling with in our group. I knew that seeing people who could really juggle would spark interest. Now if only we could find a functioning magic group in the area.

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