Wednesday, January 11, 2012

High People

Once again I am at the bus stop. I am in the Oakland part of the city so there is wifi to be had. So I am on the internet blogging. I am such a technocrat. Well actually I am pretty far behind the times. I imagine that there are people who jhave been bloggin in public places for years at this point.
Anyway there are two guys not wearing enough clothing for the cold weather screaming about how high they are and various things that they claim they are going to do to woman. I have a feeling that neither of them are going to get close enough to a woman to carry out their threats.
They are also both asking to see me juggle because it is cold out. They are not paying attention or they would see that i am on my computer typing rude things about them on the internet. Actually I am not really typing aything rude here. I am just saying what is happening as they make fools of themselves.
Well what can you do? Ohh one of them just fell over. The other one is giggling at him. The one on the ground is annoyed at the one giggling at him. Apparently falling down is not part of the plan to meet women this evening. Well maybe if they keep it up they can meet a nice police woman.
Just checking in and letting you know what is going on in my world
Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice

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