Wednesday, January 18, 2012

People Who Think I am Weird or Everyone Besides Me.

It is odd how people view you. Something that you are doing that is perfectly rational to you appears very weird to people that are looking at you. For those that do not know me personally I have what some might thing are some strange habits.

For one I am working on a series of books that it looks like I will never write or publish. I have spent years researching the plots and developing the characters. I stated doing this when I was a kid. Those books were centered around a Character McRandal and they were written in blue composition books. There are about thirty of those composition books and they are locked away in storage. Everything that is in them is not on my computer. Actually this is the seventh computer that that data that started off on five and quarter inch floppy disks no resides. It is also on a data card that is smaller than a dime. Somewhere with the blue composition books is a shoe box full of those floppy disks. Actually it is two shoe boxes duct taped together so they are large enough for those disks. I am sure those disks are no longer any good. Well they might be but I do not have a computer that can read them.

Anyway for the last ten years I have been concentrating on some character that were secondary character in the McRandal stories. I have come to find them more interesting for many reasons. Their stories are in red composition books. They are not locked away because I have not entered all their data into this computer. In fact if any of those stories are going to be published it will probably be from the red notebooks.

Well that is not the thing that had to do with public perceptions. Someone on the bus noticed that I was writing in one of these composition books. They complained about my hand writing. They went on to say that they could not read it. I told them it is in a secret code so that no one could read what I was writing. In reality since my right hand was operated on my lousy hand writing has been even worse. And since I communicate via email I have not really taken the time to try and improve it.

This person then went on to state that I was writing on top of a computer. Why wasn’t I typing it into the computer since my hand writing is so bad. I told them it is top secret and that someone would have to kill them if I told them the reason.

I then put in my ear buds and started listening to music because I did not want to continue the conversation. Also I did not want to have to be rude to some that was being really rude already. Still, it is odd what people think of when they look at you.

I am also not really one for new year’s resolutions. If I think of something I have to change I usually try and change it while I am thinking of it. Well over Christmas I was thinking that I use a great deal of paper. I have shelves of red notebooks scraps of ideas for the clown text book and many other things. Well I decided to start using less paper. The note book computer that I am now using is light enough that I can carry it around every where. Also I have found one that I can adjust the screen to a brightness that does not annoy me over many long hours of editing stuff. So I should not longer have to print out the books to edit them. The only thing that I have not been able to give up the red note books. So I am on the bus using a computer as a table top to write something in a book with terrible and writing. Well this computer does have a full sized keyboard and is wider than my last couple note books. So it is just the right size to be used as a table top for a composition book.

On an unrelate3d subject I was just tweeted that Kevin Pollak’s chat show will be on hulu now. I will have to check that out. I always have to down load it. So it might be nice to see it on the hulu.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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