Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Magic in Pittsburgh

There is no magic in Pittsburgh. I remember lamenting last year that there was no real juggling group in the city. And then after looking around we found the rather nice group at CMU. There are basically two groups that have magic clubs. There is the International Brotherhood of Magician (IBM) and Society of American Magicians (SAM). Neither group appear to have a strong club in Pittsburgh. One did have a club that met and then their meeting place fell apart. I do not know if they are meeting anymore. The other I went to a meeting in the fall that was advertised and no one showed up. So either that club fell apart or they skipped a meeting and did not retract their internet ads. Either way it does not look good for either one of them

On top of that I am certain that neither have any young membership. We had this fight with the COAI last year and I do not look forward to having it with the SAMs or IBM. So what are we supposed to do. I know none of the colleges have anything. Historically this is not something that is done by college kids. It looks like this may be something that we will have to pull together ourselves.

Maybe we could do something with the COAI. We could try and do a monthly meeting. The only draw back is that I do not know how many of them are into magic. I know the President is but he is the only one that I know of.

On the knitting front I am working on a stocking cap just so that I have something to knit. It has been a month or so and I just needed to knit something outside the knitting classes. I may do some truly ugly fair isle just to have something hard to do in the hat. I am sure that what ever this turns out o be there will be a truly ugly pom pom on top of it.

Well that is it from Pittsburgh for the moment. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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