Saturday, September 29, 2007

Knit Wiki

Ahhhhhhhhh..... The Perfect Evening AMC is playing Midway. On tourchwood a Pterodactyl ate a Cyberman who was a woman. I have some black cherry drink, popcorn and a black cat. I am not eating the cat that was just the order in which I thought of the things that I have.
I have joined the new millennium and finally bought a flash drive. It is a pretty orange one with that folds up like a switch blade. Every computer that I come in contact with besides the one in my house does not have a floppy disk drive. It had a 2 gigabyte capacity and can carry my current series of books and the entire Lexicon of information that goes with the books. Of course me being the cheapest person on the planet I waited till it was on sale.
On the knitting front. The samples for the new shop are excellent practice for the new way that I am knitting. I think that even after i can use my hand again I will continue to use that Shetland Style knitting. I am starting to look for double pointed needles 14 inches long so that I can see if knitting Shetland style in the real way is even better.
Failing double points I have some Inoxal needles. I have not found any Inoxal needles being sold on line except for eBay. I wonder if they are out of business. The ones that I have were inherited for other clowns. I am also working on a way to make a clip on received for the Double Point Needles.
Looking around at needles has made me wonder again about the different sizes. I have no idea why this subject fascinated me so. Here is a chart of American British and Japanese sizes. I wonder why there are so many needles bunch up between 2 and 7 millimeter in Japan. The American sizes are a bit open around 7 millimeter.
I truly have no idea where this is going. Just some random ramblings.
Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Kat said...

What a cool needle chart!

I've not heard of Inoxal needles--I've heard of Inox, but not Inoxal. How interesting!!

I love knitting tools. :-)

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