Sunday, September 16, 2007

600th Post Train Wreck

Welcome to my six hundreth entry. Being that my blog can generously be reffered to as a train wreck and added pictures of famous historic and current train wrecks. A great deal has been happening so I will get right to it.

First off on the hand report. I will be wearing the splint for at least another month. I am getting better at doing things with my left hand as a consequence. I have been writting with my left hand and typing with it as well. It has been stange having the one hand. Still, it has been interesting.

On the one handed knitting front I have been working on a new way to knit. I am allowed to use the pointer finger and thumb on my right hand. This is useless for most things. For knitting this is enough to crawl along at a paintfully slow rate. I have had some success with a sort of tecnique by holding my right needle against my waist. I am able to get up to a rate that is close to what I could do before. Using my 14 inch Boye needles it is much like the Shetland Knitting Style using a knitting belt.

In the circus many of our people used a knitting belt when making long sweaters and other project that required a lot of knitting. I did it a coule times and have a clip on version of that knitting belt device somewhere. I only have a few very long double point needles. I am going to head to the hardware store today to see if there is someway that I can make a clip on device that would work like the knitting belt with the Boye Needles.

If I find something I can rig I will bring it to Hive Knitting and shoot a video of it. I know it is super cool and will probably shake the very foundations of the knitting world. Well, it might not, still it will be a neat thing if it works.

I did sign up for Raverly a month ago and there are over ten thousand people ahead of me.

On the book front great progress has been made as well. Because my typing has slowed to a crawl I have written out the book long hand for the last month. With the additional time on my hands I have written almost all of the book. I am currently working on the end of the book and the set up for the first chapter of the second book in the series.

I know I rambled on about this a couple days ago. This has been a strange thing for me. I have been playing around with this book for the better part of eight years. It was a sort of hobby that I pulled out to amuse myself when I had the free time. I am currently sitting here with my I have half a dozen note books full of text that needs to be typed in. It is the closest that I have come to finishing a fiction book. I only hope someone will want to read it after it has been edited.

The Fiber Festival is also moving along. Press releases should be going out this week and most of what can be done at this point has already been done. With the pamphlets going out this week all that can be done is to wait and see if people sign up. We still need a couple more volunteers if anyone is interest email me.

Soon it will be off to Hive Knitting and the Hardware store. I would like to see some more people at Hive Knitting. Last summer through early fall were lean times for the groups as well. There has been a couple of the regular folks that have dropped away and I wondering if it has anything to do with the heavily male presence at the group.

Last week there was only one woman at the group. It is not that I mind hosting the "Male Knitting Group". I am wondering if there is some sort of connection between the female knitters that does not translate to the male knitters. I suppose that there must be.

In the end it is probably not that important. Still, these are the things that run around in my head when I am typing this blog.

I did have another email about someone that wanted to kow if the group was meeting and if they could attend. I find that about one in five of these email invites has a person attend the group. I have had a couple in the last couple weeks. We will see if anyone shows up.

Well it is off to the hardware store to see what I can find. Everyone be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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