Wednesday, September 12, 2007

4:00 AM and I am Sam Brengle - Well Not Really

The Salvation Army had an incredibly influential and super busy officer named Samuel Logan Brengle. Besides being one the holiest people to ever put on the Sallie's uniform he was also the member of a Dangerous Class and was told that he could not be an officer {one of our ministers}

They thought that he was too smart. If only I had his problems, but I digress.

Brengle was also one of the most important writers in Army history. Being a busy Corps Officer he was going from place to place putting out fires. One day while busily going about his business someone hit him in the head with a brick. He would get better but he was out of the busy part of the ministry for a while. During that time he wrote what would become his first book.

For the last month I have been kicking about with my wounded hand unable to do much of what I normally do. To fill the time I have been working on a series of four books that I have never had time to write. Sitting here this morning I realise that I am nearly done with the first book.

The bad guys have been beat back and the heroes are taking stock of what has happened. I have been writing it out long hand since I can not type very fast. Still, all that remains is to write a little more and to type a couple notebooks into the computer. I could have my first work of fiction ready for the editor by the end of the month. How crazy is that.

Someday I may being telling people how an accident with a knife lead to my first work of fiction. It is no brick from an angry mob while serving the Lord. Good grief, my writing about the bold fictitious Army owes it's existence to a cheese cutting accident in the Disaster Services. If that does not get chalked up to mysterious ways I do not know what does.
I suppose I should not be discouraged. It is not so bad being in the Dangerous Class if you can be of service. I do have a cool Brengle like beard. I suppose I have to work on the holiness thing. Still, it looks like I have the time.
Be safe out there an keep your stick on the ice.
PS When this post is near the top of the page it is next to a picture of me as a clown in a high collar uniform. It is either really cool or incredibly creepy

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metal and knit said...

We have a Brengle conference every few years and those Iknow whohave been to it find it very uplifting.

I must admidt to read the early officers lives and how the went about their daily life is very challenging. try george scot railton

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