Friday, September 14, 2007

Deffending the Boye

Long time readers know that I am frequently edited or deleted by the Knit List Moms. For this reason I don't usually post unless it is something I am an expert at or is something I feel passionately about.

Such a subject has been making it's rounds on the list. Namely that Boye Needles are junk. First off this is simply not true.

This falls into two categories. People that hate metal needles and people that have trouble with their interchangeable needles.

First off if you hate metal needles you have no business offering an opinion on Boye Needles. It is like asking Mary Todd Lincoln what she thought of the play.

Moving along that brings me to the interchangeable needles. I have a super old set that has been inherited from the clown that taught me to knit. I have no idea how old it is. I am fairly sure it is older than me. I use it at home for experimental stuff and should probably get some new chores so I can have a more complete set.

I am considering getting a new set because I do not have a complete set. Also it appears that the Boye needles have a wider range than most.

The main detraction is that the needles separate from the chords. I have not had this problem. Maybe I tighten them enough I don't know. I have used Denise needles and had the tip come off when they are not clicked all the way in. The bottom line is that it looks as if this can be done with any set of needles.

Perhaps they are just a more manly set of needles.

Now this may seem like a pointless thing to argue over. The thing is that people who hate these needles are offering free advice. I have come across the same thing with Knitting Machines. A hand knitter who hates machines cannot give an opinion on Machines. Yarn snobs should not give thoughts on Red Heart.And needles snobs should not be telling people something is terrible that they hate.

To be fair to the Moms I have included the entire entry. I do find it interesting that the strongest defence of the Boye Needles is not allowed to have anyone comment on their comment.

momnote: I think this discussion is turning out to be one of those 'let's agree to disagree' type. There will always be personal preferences for needles (among other things). No single brand of needle is 'right or wrong', just simply preferred or not. Let this post be the last of the "debate".------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------
I have been attending knitting groups for several years now. And every time that I get out my old set of Boye Straits there is almost always a negative comment about them. I have never heard of a brand that takes as many shots as the Boye Brand. The truely sad thing is that many of the inovations that we now love in addi turbo, denise or other companies were first done my Boye. It is easy to slap around the first company to do something. Still, they should have received some more respect from the knitting community for it.In addition they are the most widely availible needle out there. This has made them the gateway to the knitting world for many generations of knitters.You can always find fault with anything. Still, how many of us first learned knit with these needles. Be nice to Boy Needles. There would not be as many knitters or the variety of needles without them.


~Donna~ said...

I have two vintage Boye interchangeable sets - one complete, one incomplete. They are from the 50's or 60's. I use them all the time. I love them. I wouldn't be knitting without them. I was an on-and-off knitter for 30 years either giving away needles or breaking or losing them. My Mom found the first set at a church garage sale for $2, no one knew what they were for...but my Mom did, bought them and gave them to me. That set got me back into knitting and I haven't put them down or stopped since - have never had any issues. Now, if only I could find a small size Boye set.... I am by no means a yarn or needle snob...what works for me works and I will use anything that does, no matter if it's wood or metal or plastic. I like to keep an open mind.

Steel City Knitter said...

I take alot of crap for liking my Boye Needlemaster set more than my Denises (which cost twice as much).

Lorraine said...

I have 2 sets of Boye interchangable needles. Replacement parts are still available through Wright's web site. The only real change is that the cables only come in the small size, but an adapter is available.

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