Saturday, December 03, 2011

Twitter, Vid Casts

I am at Tom's on the south side wondering about twitter. Well actually the place is now called Penny's. The name of the place has nothing to do with anything. Anyone from the area will know where I am talking about. And if you are not from the area you will not care about what I am talking about.

I have not figured out how people find out who to follow on the twitter. I figure that I could pick celebrities who interest me. Then I realised I do not really care what any famous people are doing. The only celebrity I am following if Neil Degrass Tyson. I think this of course make me a huge nerd. Well at least I am not following Willian Shatner. Oh and I am following John Cleese. Either way I hope they post funny stuff. Oh and I am going to follow Samuel L. Jackson just to see if he uses the f word on the twitter.

The next thing is the goal to have a lot of people following you? If it is I am up to three. I would tell you who the three of them are but they may not want the public know they are following some clown. If that is what you are supposed to do how are you supposed to get the people to follow you. Are you supposed to tell other people about the interesting people that you have found to follow?

On a side note. If you are reading this and you want me to ramble in shorter chunks of texts you can follow me on the twitter. I am Zeeppo on the twitter just like I am every where else.

I have to get one of those cords to get the pictures off my phone. Oh that reminds me. The Clown Brigade is thinking of starting up the vidcasts again. We would of course like to have the Yarn N'at vidcast going. That was a great and entertaining thing. Walt and I had a lot of fun doing that. We may have a couple of the young one from the Brigade as cohosts on that thing.

We also have to really rework Army Clowns. Being that we are no longer part of the The Salvation Army we should probably come up with a new name at least. We still have all the Salvo tradition just not the blue suits.

So if you have have any idea for the Title of a Clown Vidcast let me know. I would like to hear your ideas.

Well that is all i can ramble about. Keep your stick on the ice and be safe out there.

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