Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I am a freak

I cannot find my keys half the time. Today I left the house once and had to return because I forgot the keys to the building that i was going to. Then I had to return because I forgot the lease for the new tenant to sign. Fortunatly I had been planning a stop so I had time to return to thr house twice.

Anyway I am sitting on the bus and someone is listening to the song Jesse's Girl without headphones. They were debating who was Jess's Girl. Right off the top of my head I told them that her name was Patty. They grumped at me because the song does not actually say that her name is Patty. Well I matched it on the youtube and there is a point where Jesse write who his girl is on a brick wall and she is inded Patty. I do not remeber the last time that I saw that video and somehoe I remember that.

I would go onto a quiz show and try and win some money. Sadly i am certain the catagory would be football and I would loose on a question like what is the home city of the Raiders. For some reason I think they are in Michgan but I am almost certain i am wrong. If I were on millionaire I would have to use my l lifeline on that question. I bet my brother knows what city the Raiders are in.

Well I am heading off to clown practice here eventually. So be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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