Friday, December 23, 2011

Drunk People

It is another overcast and rainy day in the mighty city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh where the men are men and the women can drink them under the table. Well at least some of the women can drink the men under the table. I was sitting on the bus listening to Morning Musume and thinking happy thought about kawaii bunnies and kitty cats. I am serious if you listen to enough Momu you beginning think of cute cartoon animals. Anyway, I sitting here rocking out to girly music and this woman smack the daylights out of some guy. The guy cusses at her and she punches him even harder. She then proceeded to beat the ever loving day lights out of this guy. After several passengers and the driver wrestled her off of him it was clear that they were both drunk. Yet in his intoxicated state the man was no longer able to defend himself. Or he liked being beat up by women in public. Since I was listening to happy music this whole time the entire scene had a very strange sound track. In addition I have not idea what the fight was about. Still, the entire incident was made better by jpop.

It is hard to use the wifi on the bus so I will e posting this later. We are approaching Squirrel Hill. This is a great neighborhood for finding something to eat. For those not familiar with Pittsburgh it is also a Jewish neighborhood so the bagels are great as well. There is this thing going on now where folk have giant electric menorahs strapped to the tops of their cars. They then drive through the streets with the appropriate number of lights on. It is not going on at this moment. Still the caravan will be coming through here at any time. It is quite a sight. It is something I have only seen in Pittsburgh. For what ever reason I have not witnessed Canadians Jewish folks taking their giant Menorahs for a drive. Maybe it is because it is colder up their they do not want to get their giant Menorahs cold. Maybe it is just another one of those neat things that only happens in Pittsburgh.

On an entirely unrelated front I found a camera memory card on the floor of our church. It stuck it in my computer in an effort to figure out where it came from. There are pictures of a family I do not recognize. Maybe they were just in for the Christmas play and were not regular members of the church. Either way I have done my best to identify the folks on it. So it will get chucked into the lost and found with the hope that someone will get their memory card back.

Well that is it for now. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice. And if you are driving around in Pittsburgh, remember, water freezes when it gets cold.

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