Thursday, December 15, 2011

Parlimantary Procedure

I have been in a parliamentary mode for the last couple months. It has been very interesting. I suppose it really started off with my own clown troupe when we had to start considering how to incorporate ourselves. That was pretty easy all things considered. It was simply a long and drawn out process.

After that was the local COAI Chapter. For what ever reason that was a great deal of bickering over how things should be done. It is not as if the rules were unclear. They were just not being followed. There was some fighting and gnashing of teeth that made everything very exciting. We rewrote a couple of them and got everyone operating on the same set of rules and everything has been much smoother since then.

At the moment we are looking at my church’s bylaws. They are just a wee bit dated and don’t have anything really wrong with them. They just need tweaked a bit. This will probably be a bit anti-climactic. Still, it is important to look over one’s bylaws every so often. Not only does it keep them up to date but it reminds people what they are.

Tonight is the Trinity Choir’s Christmas Party. I have always had fun at this event. The food is good and the fellowship is better than the food. So this will be a good time.

If I think of it I may check in later. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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