Thursday, December 08, 2011

pointless stuff

I have noticed that every time I start to follow a famous person in the twitter a couple more people follow me. If that holds true I could have a million followers if I follow all the famous people assuming there are 500 thousand famous people on the twitter. I just started following tom Hanks to see if I get any new followers. I know it is a pointless thing. Still, I am getting the feeling that the whole point of the twitter is to be pointless.

Speaking of pointless. I am working on the balloon section of the basic clowning proficciency for the Brigade. Balloons are the most time consuming thing that we have to explain in our text. And frankly I have been doing everything else except for the balloons. There are so many pictured that need to be taken and resized and then you have to do the text to go with them. And if you find you need for description you have to go back and look at the text and take more pictures and so on. This is a real pain to put into the new smaller format books that we are using. Still that is the way that it had to be. We are using half the trees and it is better and cheaper in the long run for various reasons. Getting to that point has been a real pain though.

Learning balloon animals is one of the most time consuming things that we have to do in our group. It is also the only basic skill the has consumable materials. Thus it ends up being the most expensive skill over the long term. Well what can one do? It must be done.

The first book in the series is going rather well. It is odd it looks like it is going to be rather short compared to some of the later ones. I suppose there is so much that I cannot talk about in the first book it keeps me from rambling on. The rate things are going I may have the first chapter reasdy to put up on this blog by the end of the month. By the spring I could be deciding if I need to go looking for a publisher. I do not know how I feel about trying to publish something that i have been working on for so long.

WEll everyone be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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